The best #PhoneMount for your 6th-Gen #Camaro.. The #ProClip, nothing else compares!

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In this video I go over the ProClip vehicle phone mount. This is a super nice, adjustable, and a great overall solution to safely and securely mounting your phone/tablet/etc inside of your car. The ProClip “Mobile Mount Solution” is quite versatile and they offer mounting solutions for a huge range of vehicles and devices.

The 6th gen Camaro has almost no good locations to situate your phone and your few options, such as in your lab, under your butt, in your passenger seat, or stuffed into the tiny cup holder are all horrible and inconvenient options and your phone may fly off into orbit on the first sharp turn or throttle stab.

I cover the “Chevrolet Camaro Console Mount” with the “Adjustable Phone Holder for Small to Medium Cases” phone mount solution for my Samsung s21 Ultra in my 6th Gen 2021 Camaro ZL1 in this video. Your configuration will depend on your vehicle, device, and holder selections.

Vehicles that ProClip offers a vehicle mounting base for:
– Ford
– Jeep
– Subaru
– Dodge
– Chevrolet
– Toyota
– & more…

Devices that ProClip offers a device holder for:
– Apple
– Google
– LG
– Motorola
– Samsung
– & more…

Items in Video:
– ProClip Mobile Mounting Soutions (used in video):

– Chevrolet Camaro Console Mount:

– Chevrolet Camaro Center Dash Mount (alt car mount option):

– Adjustable Phone Holder for Small to Medium Cases (used in video):

– MagicGrip Wireless Charging Phone Holder (alt phone holder option):

– Standard Holder (alt phone holder option):

– Adjustable Holder for Rugged Cases (alt phone holder option):

– Charging Holder with USB Cigarette Lighter Plug (alt phone holder option):


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