Stock #exhaust clips of 21 #ZL1 #Camaro & a modified 00 Ford Explorer 5.0 v8! Who wins?

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I’m going to be installing my Borla ATAK w/NPP cat-back exhaust soon on the 2021 Camaro ZL1 wngZL1a so I figured I’d take a couple quality sound clips of a cold start, some light revs, and a warm start so I can do some solid comparison clips in the upcoming Borla ATAK install video!

As I was at it I figured.. WHY NOT toss in some sound clips of my long running 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0 v8 AWD project car… the XPLODER! I will be doing an overview video of the Xploder soon as it has a ton of random mods and work I’ve done to it over the past 10 years or so and it’s kind of a Frankenstein car at this point.

For anyone interested, here is a not complete list of details on the Xploder:

– 5.0 Engine w/ GT40p heads and intake
– 4W70 transmission
– 3.73 gears

Current “performance” mods:

– 39lb Cobra injectors
– Walbro GSS342 255L fuel pump
– AMSOIL Synthetic oil w/AMSOIL oil filter
– AMSOIL synthetic transfer case and differential fluids
– Taylor 8mm Spiro-Pro Spark plug wires
– Autolite 764 copper core spark plugs
– Modified MAC cold air intake w/BIG blue AMSOIL air filter
– 90mm Lightning MAF (LMAF)
– High performance 93 octane NA tune from Henson Performance
– Torque Monster headers (EGR delete)
– Custom 2.5″ exhaust (no cats) into dual-in/dual-out Full Boar muffler w/side by side exit behind rear passenger tire
– Custom ford contour dual electric fans molded into fan shroud w/PWM Delta control fan controller
– Meziere WP374 electric waterpump w/idler
– KYB shocks & all new MOOG front suspension/steering parts
– All new A/C parts
– New radiator and all cooling parts
– Other odds and ends

Hopefully this is a somewhat entertaining quick video! I will be reusing the ZL1 sound clips later so stay tuned for that Borla ATAK install 😉


00:00 – The Beginning
00:14 – 2021 Camaro ZL1 a10… the wngZL1a
00:16 – ZL1 Cold Start w/Stock Exhaust
00:48 – ZL1 Warm Start w/Stock Exhaust
01:13 – ZL1 in Track Mode w/Stock Exhaust
01:47 – ZL1 in Stealth Mode w/Stock Exhaust
02:15 – 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0 v8 AWD… The XPLODER
02:27 – Xploder Cold Start w/Torque Monster Headers and full Custom Exhaust
03:20 – Xploder Warm Start w/Torque Monster Headers and full Custom Exhaust
03:58 – The End 😀

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