An overview of the Xploder… a #modified 2000 Ford #Explorer 5.0 v8 AWD #projectcar… This is a quick rundown of many of the things I’ve done over the years!

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I have a couple different cars that I tinker with in my garage and driveway but none that I still own have I had as long as my 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0 v8 AWD SUV.. the XPLODER 😀 I’ve had this car for over 10 years and have tinkered with it on and off almost the entire time.

At one point I was running an STS style remote mounted turbo setup but currently it is NA but still has a number of unique features, such as… a Meziere electric water pump, a custom Frankenstein style Ford Contour dual electric fan conversion, Torque Monster headers with EGR and cat delete, full custom exhaust, projector HID headlights, and a million other random things! I often use this car as a learning point for things like suspension installs before I work on my other cars 😀

I am in the process of learning to tune vehicles and plan to re-tune this car so hopefully I don’t end up blowing her up! lol.

I have a 60+ page “build” thread over at the explorer forum ( at which details a long painful slow process of learning and trial and error, haha!

Some info on the Xploder:

– 5.0 Engine w/ GT40p heads and intake
– 4W70 transmission
– 3.73 gears

Incomplete list of mods:

– 39lb Cobra injectors
– Walbro GSS342 255L fuel pump
– AMSOIL Synthetic oil w/AMSOIL oil filter
– AMSOIL synthetic transfer case and differential fluids
– Taylor 8mm Spiro-Pro Spark plug wires
– Autolite 764 copper core spark plugs
– Modified MAC cold air intake w/BIG blue AMSOIL air filter
– 90mm Lightning MAF (LMAF)
– High performance 93 octane NA tune from Henson Performance
– Torque Monster headers (EGR delete)
– Custom 2.5″ exhaust (no cats) into dual-in/dual-out Full Boar muffler w/side by side exit behind rear passenger tire
– 1″ Intake Manifold Spacer
– Custom ford contour dual electric fans molded into fan shroud w/PWM Delta control fan controller
– Meziere WP374 electric waterpump w/idler
– KYB shocks & all new MOOG front suspension/steering parts
– PowerStop Brake Calipers
– MAX Elite Rotors & Ceramic Pads
– All new A/C parts
– New radiator and all cooling parts
– Other odds and ends

I plan to do many more videos as I continue dabbling on my Xploder, work on repairing and restoring my 82 El Camino SS, doing some maintenance stuff on the Nissan NV3500, and maintaining (and more?) my wife’s 2019 Ford Mustang Eco-Boost Premium… Stay tuned!


00:00 – The Beginning
00:16 – Xploder Info & Partial Mod List
00:28 – Intro
00:56 – Exterior
01:37 – Projector HID Headlights
02:29 – Crager Wheels
03:34 – Interior
06:34 – Custom Console Lid
08:14 – Aftermarket Backup Camera
09:39 – KYB Shocks
10:02 – Brakes & Suspension
11:21 – Air Intake
11:36 – Intake Manifold & 1″ Spacer
11:52 – Torque Monster Headers
12:12 – Meziere Electric Waterpump
12:34 – Custom Dual Electric Fans
14:07 – Engine Start
14:37 – Aftermarket Double Din Boss Radio
15:37 – Exhaust
15:56 – Engine Bay w/Engine Running
16:09 – Outro
17:15 – The End 😀

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