Quick test drive in my 2000 Ford #Explorer, the “Xploder”, after I rebuilt the #4r70w transmission #valvebody with the Sonnax AODE-4R75E-ZIP zip kit, replacing the 3 main solenoids (TCC, EPC, & dual shift) , and a few other things. Unfortunately finding some parts for this transmission these days is proving to be quite difficult, or, impossible even, ie, some of the accumulator related parts.

The reason for the rebuild and transmission work was due to a TCC solenoid fault code and I made the mistake of driving it a short distance after the code popped up and the transmission puked fluid everywhere and I was barely able to limp it home as it became unable to shift or respond.

Overall… I’ll be monitoring the Xploder and hopefully she’s good to go! Lol. This was the first time tinkering with a transmission so if it stays running like it is now I’ll be happy.. Otherwise, I’ll need to learn to drop and rebuild the entire transmission next time!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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