Are you being hounded by a #checkenginelight after misplacing or having your secondary #catalyticconverter’s stolen? Perhaps a tiny undectable exhaust leak is giving you a headache? A scan tool shows your car as having a #p0420 code for something like “Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold”?

Worry not! I have a cheap solution that will take the pain away… until you get everything fixed and/or replaced, of course!

Item(s) in Video:

* Universal O2 Oxygen Sensor Extender 90 Degree or 45 Degree 02 Bung Extension Catalytic Converter O2 Oxygen Sensor Spacer – *** I used a 0 degree and a 45 degree but this link has 0, 45, and 90 degree options

* ICON 2100 Lumen LED Rechargeable Magnetic Compact Floodlight, Black –

Video Navigation:
00:00 – Start
00:18 – Intro & Overview
02:06 – 02 Sensor Spacers
04:31 – Spacer Install
09:00 – Outro
11:10 – The End 😀

➤ Music from Epidemic Sound

#o2sensor #checkengine #exhaust

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