Grabbed #Starfield premium edition upgrade with my #gamepass ultimate so it was pretty decently priced for #earlyaccess and a few little cosmetic items. Playing on my #pc which runs a liquid cooled 3090 & 5095x and with settings at a mix of ultra and high and FSR enabled I’m getting fairly mediocre 4k performance… mid 30 fps in the city and up to almost 60 outside running around, lol.

Anyways.. the graphics are hit and miss… environments are pretty good and the MAIN NPCs look alright but random citizens look like THIS! LOL. Pretty horrible. Most items are fairly low rez and character animations are very basic. It looks and plays a lot like #Fallout4 in space. Nothing is seamless. You enter your ship, load screen, you take off, load screen, you land, load screen, you enter a building, load screen, etc.. just an FYI.

Game isn’t horrible by any means but it’s in no way #GOTY like many people (some who never even played it yet lol) are claiming. It’s a solid 7/10 game maybe 7.5/10. Customization of ship and items is pretty good. Atmosphere is solid other than the standard #Bethesda haze they slap all over everything, lol. Also an odd or lazy choice to not even support HDR… Come on now, sheesh!

Still worth a play if you are a fan of space games in general, Skyrim, Fallout, Outer Worlds, etc.

With the insane lineup of games that have released in 2023, and will be releasing still this year, Starfield sadly doesn’t even break top 5 and just MAYBE top 10.

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