Have some spoof #Bucees merch up on my shop based on the hilarious unaffiliated Mexican store that was spotted recently! #Bukiis #supermercado and #mullet Bukk-II’s #minisisuper 😅😅😅 plus some other designs. 20 & 30 oz tumblers as well as t-shirts and sweatshirts!

FOR SALE at https://www.z1lla.com/shop !!

Use coupon code “sexybeaver” for 10% off EVERYTHING so be sure to check out the z1lla shop on my website at https://www.z1lla.com/shop 😀 There are a lot more products coming soon so check back often!

For an expanded listing and wider variety of items take a look at my wife’s shop at https://crimsoncraftery.com.

Thank you!

#funny #meme #bukkissupermercado #tumbler #sublimination

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