Looking for a lightweight solution to expand the capabilities of your #steamdeck? Check out the super cool Mechanism #deckmate grip mod and their array of interconnected accessories! Easily attach a kickstand, battery pack, USB-C hub, and any number of other useful addons in addition to a number of ways to mount and support your steam deck!

In this video I install and review the limited edition version of the Deckmate built with semi-transparent plastic that perfectly matches the Steam Deck OLED Limited Edition!

Check out the z1lla shop on my website at https://www.z1lla.com/shop ๐Ÿ˜€ There are a lot more products coming soon so check back often! Thank you!


Affiliate Links:

* Mechanism Website – https://glnk.io/4xpl0/d3rpzillale

* Deckmate Essentials Bundle ‘Limited Edition’ – https://z1lla.com/yourls/deckmatele1

* Deckmate Entire System – https://z1lla.com/yourls/deckmate1

* Deckmate Essentials Bundle – https://z1lla.com/yourls/deckmate2

* Cablemate for Steam Deck – https://z1lla.com/yourls/cablemate

Standard Links:

* Mechanism Website – https://getmechanism.com/

* Deckmate Entire System – https://getmechanism.com/products/deck-mate-entire-system

* Deckmate Essentials Bundle – https://getmechanism.com/products/the-essentials-bundle

* Deckmate Essentials Bundle ‘Limited Edition’ – https://getmechanism.com/products/deckmate-essentials-bundle-transparent-le

* Cablemate for Steam Deck – https://getmechanism.com/products/cablemate

Video Navigation:

00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Unbox & Install
02:54 – Function & Accessories
07:53 – Comparison
09:02 – Final Thoughts
12:11 – Outro
13:18 – The End ๐Ÿ˜€

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