Ok, I posted a video a few days ago regarding some engine noise from my 2000 #Ford #Explorer 5.0l v8 with the serpentine belt installed and no noise with the belt off. I had already replaced the pulleys, water pump idler pulley bushing, harmonic balancer, and a bunch of other stuff (for other prior unrelated issues).

Previous video of the sound: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/jv8fxZYLF4U

Had some time so delved in a little more and pulled the idler portion off of the #meziere electric water pump and this is what I found… excessive play between the bushing the the idler (which is a big housing shroud). Noticed the locking plate that clamps the bushing into the idler had a piece broken off and also excessive wear around the inside outer edge of the idler which was caused by impact between the idler and the pump body. I recall some wear there from before when I initially replaced the bushing and assumed it was from a bad bushing but I’m thinking there maybe was a crack in the plate that I didn’t notice and it finally gave up on me, lol.

Hopefully I can get a replacement plate and screws and be good to go!

#enginenoise #carrepair #helpme #2ndgen #xploder

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