My 2000 Ford #Explorer 5.0 #V8 AWD was making some excessive noise from my Meziere electric waterpump… After some troubleshooting I replaced the pump’s idler pulley bushing and all was well… for a few weeks! I contacted Meziere and they took a look at some photos and videos I had sent them and recommended that I replace the entire idler assembly of the pump. I purchased the assembly and installed it and the problem is RESOLVED!

In this video you can still hear some excessive engine noise in the engine bay but that’s coming from my bad AC compressor (which will be replaced soon) but the previous sounds are all gone thankfully!

Previous video of the sound:
Damage found video:

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The “Xploder” is kind of a Frankenstein car at this point with a bunch of random things that I’ve done to it over the years including installation of #TorqueMonster headers, full custom exhaust, dual electric fans, electric water pump, etc.

#enginenoise #carrepair #2ndgen #xploder

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