A quick non-scientific comparison of the SuperPro & KartBoy endlinks and the SuperPro & RCE swaybars for the 2015+ Subaru WRX. This isn’t a how one brand’s component handles on the car compared to the other but more of a how does each look and feel and some basic measurements such as actual swaybar thickness (including coating) and the weight of each part.

I ended up switching from an initial planned RCE front & rear swaybar setup with KartBoy front & rear endlinks to SuperPro the “world” just to keep everything as one brand and see how it all comes together (related install video(s) coming soon!).

Some measurements from the video:

KartBoy Front Endlinks (in Package) = 1lb 4oz
SuperPro Front Endlinks (in Package) = 1lbs 14oz

KartBoy Rear Endlinks (in Package) = 1lb 3oz
SuperPro Rear Endlinks (in Package) = 1lbs 11oz

KartBoy Front Endlink (1 w/hardware) = 10oz
SuperPro Front Endlink (1 w/hardware) = 15oz

KartBoy RearEndlink (1 w/hardware) = 9oz
SuperPro Rear Endlink (1 w/hardware) = 13oz

SuperPro Front SwayBar 26mm = 12lbs 8oz
RCE Front SwayBar 25.5mm = 8lbs 10oz

SuperPro Rear SwayBar 24mm = 10lbs 13oz
RCE Rear SwayBar 25.5mm = 8lbs 13oz

Audio still sucks in this video but thankfully I found the solution to resolve my issues with the internal mics on the GoPro Hero 7 Black and audio should be resolved for every future video and hopefully next month when the audio mic adapter finally gets here I can switch to a much higher quality external mic setup.

All SuperPro parts were purchased from Cygnus Performance at cygnusperformance.com whom is extremely knowledgeable on various suspension setups and goals and can map out a setup for any situation.

The RCE swaybars were purchased from Subimods via instagram.com/subimods_bryant which was a smooth easygoing process.

The Kartboy endlinks were purchased from the always amazing Import Image Racing at importimageracing.com which is always an awesome experience.

Thank you!

Music: Y Files by Geographer & Slip by Geographer

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