This video covers the step by step process to copy and clone the TPMS sensors that are on the wheels on your car onto NEW wheels with NEW sensors. By cloning your stock wheel TPMS sensors onto new aftermarket Autel TPMS sensors on new wheels you can easily swap between summer and winter wheels without the need to have your TPMS sensors reprogrammed each time.

Once you clone the sensors ONCE you can swap the wheels around an unlimited time without the need to reprogram the senors again nor go to the dealer to have anything within your car programmed to recognize the new sensors.

In this video I’m using the Autel MaxiTPMS pad (arounds $50) and a set of 4 Autel MX-Sensors (around $120) on my 2017 Subaru WRX Limited.

Links for the products used:

* Autel MaxiTPMS PAD Sensor Programming Handheld Accessory Device to Diagnose OE TPMS Sensors, Exclusively Program MX-Sensor with Easy Using Steps, Plug & Play –

* Autel MX-Sensor Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor 2 in 1 TPMS Sensors 315MHz 433MHz –

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