#Z1LLA Carbon Fiber 360° Camera Car Mount! This is part 2 where I’ve improved upon my initial #360degree camera #carmount build and go over these details in this video… plus some tips on how to reduce wind noise and get an overall better quality video!

Keep in mind this video is a continuation from my Part 1 video so be sure to check that video out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbinr77ctJw.

I am thinking of perhaps building these camera car mounts. Would anyone be interested? I would need to do some kind of pre-order and have 10+ paying people lined up to bring the costs down enough to even be reasonable. Let me know in the comments what you think!


* TALLER MID MOUNT: iBOLT Aluminum 6 inch Double Socket Arm for All Industry Standard 1-inch / 25mm / B Size Ball adapters – https://amzn.to/3h0pzT5

* Kaisiking 2mm LCD Repair Tape Phone Repair Tape – https://amzn.to/46pxHkU

* 2Pack Windslayer Cover Compatible with Gopro Hero 10 Hero 9 Hero 11 Windscreen Wind Muff Foam Housing – https://amzn.to/46pxMFe *** NOTE: I cut pieces from these for my foam mic covers.

* SUNMON Camera Mic Windscreen Dead Cat, Furry Camera Wind Muff Wind Cover for Canon G7X Mark II,Sony,Samsung,etc DSLR Mic Outdoor Windshield (8 Pack) – https://amzn.to/3pkme5u *** NOTE: Can attempt to use this instead of the cut foam.. trim down super short so as to not be in frame.

For everything else on how to build the mount itself check out my part 1 video which includes a full part list.

D3RPZILLA Website: https://z1lla.com

Video Navigation:
00:00 – Start
00:16 – Intro & Overview
00:59 – Improvements
03:50 – Version 1 Footage
04:08 – New Version 2 Footage
04:39 – New Cruising Footage
06:15 – GoPro MAX Wind Noise Help
07:10 – Z1LLA Mount
08:29 – Outro
10:20 – The End 😛

#howto #goprocarmount #3rdpersonview #gopro360 #chasecam #carbonfiber

➤ Music from Epidemic Sound

NOTE: All footage is rendered in Unreal Engine 5. No driving footage is recorded in the real world. All speeds are faked by video edit tricks to make everything look faster than it really is.

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